BITO ERP for Pharmaceutical Companies

No more manual DCR, Expense, Activity formats for Field Staff

Focused in Company Marketing & Office Operations

Pharmaceutical Companies has a large network of sales employees and distribution channels. Bito Technologies offer a complete package in the form of ERP software to Pharmaceutical Companies. Our ERP system automate all the process & departments of company in a single application. This helps organization to work on real time data. This ERP System create a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in whole company and increase dependency of system. From Manufacturing, Supply chain Management, Sales Force Automation to Human resource management all comes in a single package.

Our stable release of software for pharmaceutical companies is a cloud-based application and can be accessed from anywhere and in all devices. We use best technology platforms in our ERP system to make it secure and robust in performance. Our systems gives 99.99% Uptime of application. Through Easy monitoring and DSS (Decision Support System) based reports company can make crucial decision making & planning.

BITO ERP for Pharmaceutical Companies
GPS Tracking of Employees

GPS Tracking of Employees

No Fake reporting possible any more

Through GPS tracking of Field staff you can monitor their sales activities

Bito ERP comes with a sales force app with all service enabled functions. Through this app training of the marketing becomes a cake walk. Because all what a sales employee need is already present in the app. From Product catalogue to list of customers, suppliers, stockist and even his/her own sales target, performance everything is present in the app. There are following features in the app

  • Product Catalogue (With Details, brochure, images & Videos)
  • List of Customers (Doctors with their location)
  • list of Stockist (List of stockist & Supplier with their location and contact details)
  • DCR (Daily Call reporting in Software)
  • order Booking
  • Order Verification by Managers
  • Activity Reporting
  • Attendance Reporting
  • Leave Application & Management

Key Modules

Module Name Description
Sales Force Automation One of the most robust sales force automation solution available in market.
DCR Reporting and all field reporting through mobile app
GPS Location tracking of employees
Improves the performance and quality of sales team
CRM A complete CRM solution for Pharma companies
Customer Data Management
Streamline Process of communication through Email, Message, Call & Whatsapp
Customer Grievance Management
Product Life Cycle Product Lifecycle
Product Formula Management and versioning with Audit Log
Raw Material Procurement & Storage management
Finished Good Production Data Management
Supply Chain Management Supply chain Management includes the monitoring of production to end seller
Logistics Management
National and International Documentation
ERP based order processing
Human Resource Management Human resource management is itself a complete solution
Recruitment Solution
Employee MIS & Data Management
Employee attendance & Leave Management
Employee Pay Roll
Accounts Management Accounts Module for complete accounting requirement
Record All Accounting Transactions
Asset Management
Accounting Reports & Ratio Analysis
Inventory Management Inventory Management solution with integration of Bar code or QR Code Integration
Cold or Dry Store Inventory Management
Multiple Store Location management
Palletize Store Management
Manufacturing Automation Manufacturing Automation process captures data in each place
Quality Control (QC) With stability testing in sampling plan
Quality Assurance procedure
Batch Monitoring plan as per process.
DSS Reports DSS (Decision Support System) Reports give an edge of decision making & Planning.
Data & Graphical reports for Production
DSS reports for Sales & Marketing Performance
DSS reports for overall Performance.

Key Features

Flexible for All

Module wise selection facility
Sales Employee Mobile App
Customization facility
Possibility of new integration
Portal for Suppliers
Portal for Stockiest and channel partners

Application for All

Associate Mobile App
Customer Mobile App
Integrated Website
Associate Web Login
Customer Web Login
Partner Web Login

Support & Services

24X7 Dedicated Support
24 Hour Response Time
99.99% Application Uptime

Security & Compliance

Reliable Data Security Measures
Auto Backup Systems
Manual Backup Facility
Regular Monitoring of Attacks and
Application Performance
Regular application updates

Success Stories

Medilytic Biomedicals Private Limited Pharma ERP

Medilytic Biomedicals private limited is one of the top medical segment company which works primarily in Pathology reagents and equipments segment. In 2021 company decided to implement ERP for whole organization. Company wants to neutralize the key challenges of the company like centralize monitoring of sales team, performance driven sales process. Company also wants to minimize the paper work and reduce the time of operations for salary, sales incentive and field expense reimbursement. Bito has accepted the challenges and delivered a perfect customized solution of ERP.
Bito delivered a cloud based ERP solution in span of 6 months and whole company migrated to Bito mobile application for all sales & marketing data/information management.

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Medwings Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Medilytic Biomedicals Private Limited

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BITO Pharmaceutical ERP
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