SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Supply Chain Management gives the bigger picture of the inventory management, ware housing, logistics and all parameters. In case of manufacturing organization it gives the complete process management of the procurement of raw material, process of semi-finished and finished goods then the warehousing of the goods. In Short Bito Technologies provide the complete solution of supply chain management with initiating of the acquiring raw materials to the delivery of the finished good to the end user of the product. The supply chain management is itself a very tedious task and due to dependency of various parameters it generate a lot of difficulties. A software for complete automation solves most of the problems one of the obvious reasons are that it easily able to calculate lifecycle of the product and easy availability of the required information.

Our Objective behind our SCM solutions is to maintain constant availability or the products to the end user in such a way that it should be most cost efficient to the company, supplier or Logistics Company. The solution includes the accounting part of the SCM. Where the suppliers and the vendors can request for the products, place their order, track their goods location. Bito Technologies only provide real time based SCM application completely compatible with cloud or internet. So the application can be accessed anywhere and anytime around the globe.

Sub modules of Supply Chain Management

  • Purchase & procurement Management
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • E- Procurement
  • Operations Management

Features of the SCM System

  • Online Web based application can be hosted in cloud, internet or Intranet
  • Secure Application with 128bit Encryption
  • Unlimited number of users can be created with page rights
  • Facility of online procurement, order placement, order processing
  • Incorporated with complete accounting for sales valuation
  • Generate online document forms for reducing the paperwork
  • Track down the orders with real time locations
  • Logins for the vendors and suppliers for their information system

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