Web Server Deployment

Web server are most commonly used for the hosting of website or web applications. We have expertise in creating the web servers suitable to host the websites or applications made in .net, PHP and Java. We provide web server deployment complete solution including hardware, installation and configuration for Web servers. According to the operating system and Use of the web server there are three major class of the server which are mentioned below:-

Windows Web Server

Windows web servers are installed with the Operating System Windows server 2008, windows Server 2012 etc. The database used in this servers area most commonly windows MS SQL servers 2008, 2012 etc.

Linux Web Server

Linux web servers are based on the operating system selected for installation. There are large number of options available for the Linux servers as there are various options available in the Linux as Linux is the open source operating system many organizations has launched their own versions of the Linux. Most popular Linux servers are Red Hat, Suse & Ubuntu.

Java Platform Servers

Java application or web hosting servers are also most commonly Linux servers in which the java hosting platform is required to host. Java platforms commonly used by us are Apache TOMCAT, JBOSS, Glass Fish.

If you are looking for a web hosting server with in premises in economical prices call us and we will give the best solution for you. Depending upon the client requirement we provide custom made solution. Feel free to contact us at +91-6392865568 or email us at sales@bitotechnologies.com