Consumer Packaged Goods

Our IT solutions for the Consumer Goods & FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Industry are agile as the industry itself. Our R&D Department continuously seek for the innovative solutions for the industry. We provide complex Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions for acquiring raw material to the delivery of the product to end user.

We have provided many solutions for the enterprise ERP Applications for the small, medium and large-scale organizations. Bito Technologies as an IT solutions provider is always ready to accept the challenges of the industry and provide you one of the best solutions available.

Our solutions for the industry include Complete ERP Systems, Process Management applications, MIS Solutions, Customer Behavior and marketing management tools, professional website development & Online E-Commerce portals for the online product sale.

Success Stories

Consumer Packaged Goods

Bito Technologies provided complete ERP solution to Guru Vardan equipped with allcomponents of Supply Chain Management system as well as automation process for all departments of Organization.

Consumer Packaged Goods

VASM Ayurveda got its latest ERP implemented by Bito Technologies. VASM Ayurveda has more than 80 Distribution channels is almost all parts of India. This ERP has increased company efficiency

Consumer Packaged Goods

Future Step is ready to launch their products in market at national level. Backed by Bito FMCG Sector ERP 4.1.1 Future step is actually keeping its first step in the future of latest technology.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Bito has provided an easy to use SCM solution to VASM Advertising Private Limited so the company get the smooth operations in India.


Consumer Packaged Goods

FMCG ERP Solution

Bito Provides a Centralized ERP System from FMCG Sector company where they can get complete automation of all departments. From the Sales force automation to smooth supply chain management ERP covers all required parameter of Company.

Consumer Packaged Goods

SCM Solution

For any FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) SCM plays a vital role in sales as well as optimization of cost. Bito has expertise in delivering these kinds of solutions.

Consumer Packaged Goods

SFA Solutions

The medium and Large scale FMCG or packaged products company always need a robust SFA solution so they can monitor the activities of their sales team. You can trust Bito SFA 2.1.1 Solution for any such requirement.

Consumer Packaged Goods

E-commerce Portal

If you are planning to introduce your own E-Commerce Portal than you need an affective R-Commerce implementation IT partner. Find more about our E-Commerce Solutions.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Website Development

A quality brand needs a quality website to reflect the same for rest of the world. Rely on Bito Developed Websites for your organization.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Inventory Management Application

For managing Item Inventory in Warehouse or Store your can try our latest inventory management solutions.


Guru Vardan
Future Step
Gomti Foods
VASM Ayurveda
VASM Advertising

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