Customized Software

Customized software requirement is increasing every day in the various industry segments. The complex data storage and information gathering is required in each industry. Bito Technologies provide comprehensive solutions for the customized software requirement. As we know that specialized skills are required to develop customized software as there are no existing pattern or software are developed. So for each such development there is a need on development to high level of logics and architecture. Our experienced team is able to understand to requirement and give the best solution which not only full fill the need of the client but also gives additional features which will become helpful in the analysis of the client.

Bito provides both types of development of software or application which may be web based or windows based or may be hybrid application. Our expertise in development of customized software application can be visualized by the applications we have developed for our clients details case studies are given in the website.

Web based software development

Bito provides web based application or best customized software which can be hosted in any server of intranet or can be hosted in cloud platform also.

Windows based applications

Bito Technologies gives robust windows platform based software for the clients. Team has developed many applications in .net, VB (Visual Basic) and C# languages combining with database like MS Access, MS SQL & Oracle.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications are also developed by company in which the application frontend is a windows application but the database remain online. This secure database in centralize place

We have developed various types of the customized software where the objectives are different. Sometimes the objectives are just to enter the data and give the printouts. And many applications are developed which are very complex in nature and give tedious analysis of the data. All we suggest that if you are planning for a customized software development give an opportunity to our team and we will show you how the development will be done and it will going to ease your work.

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