Interdepartmental Communication System

Interdepartmental Communication system is an advanced communication platform for the medium or large scale organizations. This communication system helps all the employees to send notifications and letters to all the employees of the organization. The communication platform is designed in a way that anyone can send letter or notification to single, multiple or all employees. This communication software run online and anyone can access through browser. It can be hosted in any cloud or web platforms. This communication system can also send SMS or Email Alerts to the employees.

This is also ideal software if your organization need frequent sending of files. This software can share the files within employees. A work or task can be also assigned through this software. So this fulfils all your need of communication within organization.

Following process can be automated through this application:

  • Notification Management
  • Send SMS
  • Send Emails
  • Within Organization employee chat facility
  • Task Management
  • File Sharing

Features of the Application:-

  • Web based application compatible to host on cloud
  • Support unlimited number of users
  • File sharing (File format supports docx, xcel, pdf, jpg and PNG)
  • Mass communication possible
  • Encrypted chat facility
  • Rights can be defined for the users
  • Secure application and encrypted password protection

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