Cloud Solutions

Bito technologies provide solutions to create or manage the cloud infrastructure. We can create or manage all three types of the cloud infrastructure public, Private & Hybrid Cloud. Our services are limited to the development of the infrastructure only and provide facilitation for the initialization of the cloud services. To deploy cloud in any organization is very tedious and complex due to the involvement of each and every aspect of the IT. Our group of consultants and employees has a vast experience over the deployment of the cloud. Our whole objective behind the cloud is to give following benefits to the client organization.

  • Reduce the cost of the IT hardware and operations
  • Increase scalability
  • Increase availability of the cloud applications
  • Facility of centralized management
  • Increase speed of availability of the IT resources

Cloud Service Models

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Where the cloud gives infrastructure service to install the application or operating system on virtual instances (an instance is like a personal computer on virtual computing)

PAAS (Platform as a Service)

Give platform to install the application or gives a test platform to test the application most popular PAAS are Microsoft Azure and Google Apps

SAAS (Software as a Service)

This is the most common cloud service model where an application is provided as service which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime through internet. Like email services and web apps.

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