IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is not just like another application is a specific tool to resolve all your problems in managing your IT Assets (Including Hardware and software). IT asset management is an advanced application which alerts you whenever there is a requirement of renewal of any software license, replacement of any hardware or when any network device malfunctioned. Objective behind installing the IT Asset Management tool for the organization is that any point of time we can quantify the IT devices and software we are using in the organization, how many of them are not functioning and how much we will require in future. It saves a lot of money or the organization as it keep an eye that no instrument or computer device should not be purchased when it is already present in the organization.

IT Asset management is the perfect companion for the IT manager of the organization as it reduce the time of operations of the IT manager. With store sub module this application can also work as complete IT sore and the user can manage vendors, raise IT intends, place orders and manage complete distribution.

Features of the Application:-

  • Unlimited number of users with rights management feature
  • Cloud based application can be host on internet or intranet
  • Each and every kind of hardware can be managed with their lifecycle duration
  • Warranty and Guarantee of each hardware can be stored
  • Software license renewal alert system
  • IT asset value assessment
  • Suppliers and Vendor MIS
  • Network device down management

Benefit of the software:-

  • Reduce work of the IT manager
  • Single point decision making reports
  • Easy asset cost analysis

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