Lan/Wan Solutions

Bito Technologies provide all types of networking solutions for the clients. We design the complete LAN (Local Area Network with in premises) network and WAN (Wide Area Network for multiple locations for premises) for the small, medium to large scale organizations. Our solutions include HLLD (High Level designs) for the office or institute network, Installing LAN (Including CAT6 cabling, Switch installation and Firewall switches), Troubleshooting existing network, maintenance and support outsourcing for medium & large scale organizations.

Bito Solutions for the Networking

Network Infrastructure Services

Company provides the network infrastructure services for the organizations which include complete package of network hardware installation, configuration, support & maintenance of the Network.

Trouble shooting Networks

We provide solutions for existing networks of organizations by trouble shooting the networks and remove faulty instruments or configuration and increase efficiency of network by increasing bandwidth.

Outsourcing infrastructure maintenance

We provide outsourcing services in for organization for their complete networking infrastructure, which include periodical updation and schedule check of performance of network and regularly maintaining the network for efficient working.

Why Us

There are lots of reasons for selecting Bito Technologies for Networking Solutions

Skilled networking team

Bito Technologies has high skilled network team for the networking projects and maintenance of network. Our core team includes The CCI, CCNA and network analysts for project execution.

Wide Experience of networking solutions

Our organization has done many successful executions of projects which are different in terms of requirements. From creating Wan to LAN and client server infrastructures our team has experience in executing these projects.

Professional Approach

Like all projects we always work with professional approach. As we use only genuine products and high quality products only of those companies who excel in making network devices. So you get a high quality network establishment in your premises.

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