Data Mining

Bito Technologies provides data mining applications to clients where the size of data is usually very large. The utilization of data mining application is to process data in a form where decision making report analysis can be derived. The output of the data mining applications can be processed data to derive any information, can be graphs or images or it can be simple colour codes which may base on complex indicators.

In users perspectives data mining applications developed by us gives freedom to analyse the data according to various angles & dimensions. The application also help user to identify relationship between multiple data rows. There are many open source database tools are present which can be used for such purpose.

Data mining applications are comparatively very new but technologies we use for data mining are the same as database applications. Only design of the database and the output generation use patterns which can handle large volume of data. The most common challenges in data mining application are logical processing of complex output reports and processing of such large data.


You need a data mining application if you want to derive a pattern of income and expense segments of the population of the urban city with population of more than 40 lakhs. This application will generate report with possibility of various output formats

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