Inventory Management System (IMS)

Inventory Management or Inventory Control Systems are enterprise application to control and manage the inventory or the organization. Inventory includes everything the consumables as well as assets. Inventory management system reduce the work of the organization in many folds especially in the organizations where the consumption of the consumables is very large. The application is itself a very large software so the complete application can be further categorized in the key components of the inventory management. If we are talking about the key components then we can mentioned the following identities which together make inventory management:-

  • Products
  • Warehouses or stores
  • Consumption Units
  • Vendors or Suppliers

Inventory Management system reduce the documentation work of the organization. It can produce the purchase orders, Receipt challans, GR Receipts etc. directly. Our Inventory Management system can be easily integrate with the Bito mainstream ERP Systems. The complete Inventory Management system can further divided in following sub modules

  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Store Management
  • Distribution Management
  • DSS (Decision Support System)

Bito Inventory Management Systems has the following features:-

  • Product classification and nomenclature system
  • Flexibility to adopt barcode system
  • Automatic low stock alerts through message or email
  • Multiple warehouse and store facility
  • Flexibility to sale the products also
  • GR (Goods Return Facility)
  • Easy print formats and reports
  • Reports can be exported in excel format for further analysis
  • Graphical reports for overall management view on inventory system of the organization
  • View the department and person wise utilization of the stock
  • Helps in finding optimum quantity or stock based on the previous utilization history
  • Damage vault option
  • Auto asset depreciation analysis
  • Easy Data backup facility available


  • Reduces manual documentation up to 90%
  • Print the reports directly
  • Easy tracking of any stock or product
  • Easy stock financial evaluation
  • Multiple users
  • Cloud based application no need to manage any hardware or software

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