People Information System (PIS)

People Information System is an Enterprise application designed to store the information of people. For any organization respective they can be Employees, Workers, Associates Etc. most of the times the PIS is implemented with certain changes so it can be make useful for the various organizational objectives. Besides HR management system PIS are far more simple and easy to use and the objective is quite different. PIS can manage human data in various segments like personal, family, educational, demographic details, working details etc. Besides this PIS is very useful when you have a huge number of people data need to be stored intelligently and you need frequent availability of the people information according to the various filters. People Information system are very common tool in the government organizations to store all the information of the employees, their joining details and the transfer details. Besides government organization Bito People Information System is capable of managing large data of people group and provide analytical report on the behalf of the database.

If any organization have the PIS System for the employees data then at any point for the organization it become very easy to reply that how many employees are present in various departments, designation, class, religion, gender, location etc.

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PIS can handle any data related to the People and based on human identity. Most of the times in the implementation it requires various customizations.

The data of the people can be managed under the following aspects

  • Personal Information
    (Include personal details like date of birth, age, marital status, gender, etc.)
  • Family Details
    (Include family details with classification of dependents and non-dependents)
  • Contact Details
    (Mobile no, email id, permanent & Current address etc. details can be stores)
  • Educational Details
    (All educational details including the degree as well as any diploma, certification can be store in the application)
  • Official Details
    (Location, department, designation, class or level, migrations, promotions, etc.)

A lot of customizations and flexibility is present in the PIS Systems


  • Easy reports about the people group
  • Automatic alerts of the Birthdays and Marriage Anniversary etc.
  • Message and Email communications enabled so mass message or email can be sent

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