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Bito IT solutions for banking financial services directly bestows to nearly quarter of company’s revenues. We work objectively towards solving the known problems faced by banking and finance sectors on day to day basis as well as recognizing concealed issues as they could have immense impact on growth.

Financial Institutions like Banks, Insurance Companies, Credit Cooperative societies, Mutual Benefit Organizations, Loaning & Capital companies need frequent IT services and solutions which can improve their performance and reduce their loss making due to lack of data or lack of information for the management. Efficient decision-making need efficient information system. The role as an IT partner for the financial institutions is to provide efficiency through IT Solutions & Consulting.

Bito Technologies provides all kinds of the IT Solutions and IT Consulting to their clients. It includes the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Applications, Management Software, MIS Applications, Security and Network Firewall systems, Server Installation & Configurations, Portal Development, Online transactions processing and website development etc. Our problem-oriented solutions improve organization process as well as it can process data to useful decision-making reports.


ERP Solution

Credit Cooperative ERP Solution

Find a Complete ERP Solution for Credit Cooperative companies. Our ERP System are already proven as back bone solution for many companies.

ERP Solution

Nidhi Company ERP solution

According to the Govt guidelines, we have customized our solution for Nidhi Companies. It provides almost 100% Accuracy in financial transactions and eases the work process.

ERP Solution

Product Company ERP Solution

Bito Delivers effective centralized ERP Solutions for producer companies where flexible solutions are required as different companies have a different incentive structure.

ERP Solution

Mutual Benefit ERP Solution

Mutual Benefit companies work in multiple dimensions and so our solution also gives them freedom that they can incorporate different module in the ERP.

ERP Solution

Microfinance ERP Solution

Find one of the most flexible and robust microfinance ERP Solution which incorporate all the automation for all the process. You can easily distribute loans in groups and recover them from groups.

ERP Solution

NBFC ERP Solution

IF you are looking for an NBFC ERP solution which not only to automate all NBFC Process but also can improve efficiency, Bito should be your first choice.

ERP Solution

Mobile Application

Mobile app brings a portability in for all financial organizations. We deliver mobile app for both Android and i-OS Platforms. These easy to use apps can be used by all age group customers.

ERP Solution

Email Server

Reduce your cost of Email services by deploying your own email server. you will not only get the cost benefits but also full customizable and secured email solution

ERP Solution

Server & VPN Deployment

To secure your transactions and stop the intrusion of foreign hackers in your network contact us today. We provide server, networking infrastructure, and many more network-related services.

ERP Solution

Profession Website Development

Your website is a mirror image of your organization brand. So, find the professional designed website for your organization. 

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