Virtualization Services

Bito Technologies provide installation and configuration for database software. These database servers are very commonly can be accessed through internet from anywhere in the world. Depending upon the

Bito provide hard core virtualization services for enterprise level organizations. An efficient virtualization plan can reduce the costing of the IT hardware in any organization considerably. If you are running multiple applications and software applications which need different types of platforms and operating systems then virtualization service can be very helpful to reduce the cost. To understand the benefits of the virtualization we must know what virtualization of the Hardware devices is. In summary we have mentioned what is virtualization

Virtualization is the process to virtualize the hardware resource and single hardware can install multiple operating system. In more easy way “Virtualization software gives facility to install multiple operating system and host multiple applications in same system in same time”.

Even it is not easy to understand virtualization still we have mentioned few virtualization software which is used most commonly for virtualization and in which we provide our services.

Virtualization Software Name Owned By Type
VMware VMware Linux Hypervisor
Citrix Citrix Linux Hypervisor
Solaris Zones Oracle Corporation Linux Hypervisor
Hyper V Microsoft Window Hypervisor

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