Project Management

Project management is one of the most commonly used application in the project based companies or organizations like IT Companies, Architects, Designing & implementation companies etc. Project management application is a different stage based application where a project or task is done in several stages and mostly needed more than one person to accomplish this. In project execution each step has different specialist so they work on different time of projects. There are many ways to accomplish the project and depending upon the mode the Project management software needs the customization.

Bito Technologies has already developed many Project Management applications for the IT companies and solution designer consultants. We offers a Best Project Development & Management Software with more advanced features. Project Management application is very useful if your organization needs a streamlined process of the project taking and execution

Project Management Features

  • Unlimited number of users with user defining rights feature
  • Complete cloud compatible application can be hosted in intranet and internet
  • Project can be break as many as stages required
  • New project and other important SMS & Email Alerts
  • Project execution level and percentage will be presented
  • Reports can be exported in excel, PDF
  • Project Execution stages can store unlimited number of supporting documents
  • There will be continuous commenting and feedback option will be available
  • Complete project execution history log can be generated
  • Single project can be handled by multiple people


  • Streamline project execution process
  • Can be accessed anywhere anytime (if hosted at internet)
  • Auto alerts
  • Validations to reduce human errors
  • Anytime completed or pending projects complete overview
  • Company performance analysis
  • Highly secure data

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