Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the primary enterprise application which is adopted in the organizations to build a strong relationship with the clients or customers of the organization. We can say that the sole objective of the CRM is retention of the existing clients/Customers and acquisition of new clients/Customers. solution include many KPI (Key performance Indicators) & performance of the CRM can be analysed by evaluating performance of these indicators. Bito offers the Best Customer Relationship Management System to all types of organization including the small, medium and large scale enterprise. This CRM system is capable of handling different types of industries also. Besides this the software gives login to the customer also so they can find their orders and support directly through their login portal.

Besides other enterprise application CRM solution is easy to implement all you need is strategic analysis that what you need through CRM solution and a good project manager. An involvement of higher management and interest of the executive make it convenient to adopt by the junior staff.

Components of the Customer Relationship Management System :

  • Customer MIS with Communication
    (Customer MIS based on location, classification, level, size etc. A facility of email and SMS communication for any mass information. Designer flyers can be send directly)
  • Customer Enquiry & Feedback Management
    (Customer enquiry management for any new or existing product. Customer feedback forms available for any general enquiry)
  • Customer Product or Service MIS
    (Listing of complete range of the products and services of the company with classification and properties)
  • Customer Support Management
    (Customer login and ticket generation for providing the support of the product or service)
  • Customer Royalty or Rewards Point Management
    (Company can produce the customer card system and each sale of product or service will give some rewards to the client. Bito provide complete solution to manage such all activities.)

Features of the CRM Solution by Bito Technologies

  • Cloud based web application can be accessed anywhere through internet
  • Automatic alerts for birthdays and other events
  • Facility of mass communication through SMS or Email
  • Highly secure application
  • Can generate the email flyers for the customers
  • Individual customer or client login facility
  • Facility of customer compliance management
  • DSS Decision Support System based reports

Benefits of the Bito CRM Solution

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Management reports for decision making
  • Higher rate of customer satisfaction
  • Higher rate of new business through CRM
  • No need to manage separate hardware or software

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