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Automation in every aspect of business

Meat/Fish processing units or slaughter houses need an agile and efficient solution for all company operations. Meat Industry in India is still not very much organized and use of information technology is quite negligible. Although it is found that organized organizations are far more profitable and recording successive growth over unorganized manufacturing units. The reason behind this odd is the complex business nature and presence of a large number of small scale units where there are economic constraints are also present. Bito offers an ERP solution of Meat processing Industry, which is Complete Meat Industry Manufacturing ERP software for All Levels of companies. This Robust and Economical Meat Production ERP solution capture and automate all segments of production Unit. By a demo you can understand that why this ERP is one of the best available ERP solutions for Meat Industry. It covers all the departments of manufacturing like Lariage, Fresh, Chiller, Frozen, Cold store etc. It also cover other non-production departments like sales & Marketing, Human resource, Accounts, Export etc.

Automation in every aspect of business

Deliver the orders within time and 100% Accuracy

Barcode mapping in production

Complete product lifecycle automation

Deliver the orders within time and 100% Accuracy

Now you can execute your orders with 100% Accuracy. Our system capture all information from Order management to export of material. Through our ERP you get following facilities for production automation
Facility to capture data and all items of data with exact specification
Full control & Monitoring of order status (Like Quantity under production, Dispatched, Pending for production quantity)
Facility to create packing instruction for production
Facility to Plan the production
Real time entry of fresh and frozen production
Real Time clod store entry & exit
Barcode based carton identification
Android Application for Data capture

Get more than 200% times ROI on ERP Implementation

Reduce the production lifecycle upto 30%

A cloud Application

Reduce the order completion lifecycle upto 30%. From Lairage to cold store the production automation gives optimist utilization or resources, resultant the order lifecycle completion takes 30% Less time.
ERP gives also easy procurement of raw material and factory equipments

Repacking and Reprocessing facility
Easily check the stock and availability of stock in different location
ERP can also manage the Container Tracking
Data analysis to understand the market behavior as well as customers, brokers etc.
Mobile application to quickly check the data and important reports
Fast mode of communication also increase productivity as the ERP comes with inbuilt chat room
Easy accessibility of data also increase the productivity because it reduces the delay of getting reports
Centralize information system is the core feature due to this any data punched from any department become visible to all other departments.

Meat Industry ERP Software
Meat Industry ERP Software


Through our ERP V5.1.1 you get a seamless mobility where almost all crucial information is available on app. Complete ERP monitoring can be done through app. This app become a tool for you to get connected with your business, even when you are far from your production units. App also have inbuilt communication and alert feature. So now you can communicate with all other employees using mobile app. You also get in app alerts for all important activities.

Mobile Apps with ERP

  1. 01. Management Monitoring Android App
  2. 02. Stock Status Andorid App

Production Management

All Departments of Meat Production get Automated

  1. Meat Industry ERP Software

    Lairage Department

    Manage all Receive of Animals
    Manage animal Tagging
    Gatepass System

  2. Meat Industry ERP Software

    Slaughter Department

    Auto Capturing of Animal Weight
    Supplier Wise Patti Report
    MIS Reports of Department
    Management of Chiller
    Chiller Capacity Analysis

  3. Meat Industry ERP Software

    Deboning Hall Management

    Management of Rejections
    Management of Deboning Batch Wise
    Deboning MIS Reports

  4. Meat Industry ERP Software

    Chiller Management

    Chiller Room Capacities Management
    Chiller Stock Management
    Chiller MIS Reports

  5. Fresh Packing

    Fresh Packing

    Capture Fresh Packing Data
    Add Loose /Less Lose Weight Management
    Auto Alerts of Excess Production
    Fresh Packing MIS Reports
    Fresh Entry Verification System

  6. Frozen Packing

    Frozen Packing

    Frozen Packing Data Capture
    Fresh Vs Frozen Comparison
    Auto Alerts of Excess Production
    Frozen MIS Reports

  7. Cold Store

    Cold Store

    Manage of Cold Store Capacity
    Management of Cold Store Storage Sections
    All Cold Store Transaction Recording
    Bar Code based and Entry and Exit
    Expiry Item Alert
    Storage and Picking Process
    Cold Store MIS Reports
    Facility of Repacking and Reprocessing Item Data Management
    Item Ledgers
    Item Movement Reports

  8. Dispatch Department

    Dispatch Department

    All Export Transactions Data Management
    All Internal Shift Transactions
    Loading and Dispatch Planning
    Export MIS Reports
    Shifting and Dispatch Reports
    Facility of Local Sale
    Alerts of Faulty Transactions

  9. Export Department

    Export Department

    Order Management
    Packing Instruction Management
    Loading Instruction Management
    Export Documentation
    Order Status Management & Alerts
    Control of Production through Packing Instruction
    Control in Export through Loading instructions
    Export MIS Reports
    Available Stock Analysis

Key Features

Complete Production Automation
Complete Production

From gate pass to dispatch complete production solution.
Factory automation through integration of bar code, QR code readers, Android Tablets etc.
Real time entry of data.
Cold Store Bin creation and stock management in BIN.
Single ERP to handle the multiple production units of company.

Easy Order Processing
Easy Order

From receiving of any order till dispatch of all containers, order status and monitoring can be done easily.
Real Time order status monitoring.
Export Documentation generation for order
Order production status monitoring as well as order stock location details.
Single order can be distributed to multiple production units.

Fully Operations and Tested
Fully Operations
and Tested

The Application is fully tested and operations in various factories and slaughter houses.
The application is built to handle the large scale data.
Flexible application where enough flexibility is given to incorporate company unique production process or any customization required.

Support, Services & Security
Support, Services
& Security

Reliable Data Security Measures
Auto Backup Systems
Manual Backup Facility
Regular Monitoring of Attacks and
Application Performance
Regular application updates
24X7 Dedicated Support
24 Hour Response Time
99.99% Application Uptime

Success Stories

Rustam Foods, A large scale slaughter house is now fully automated by BITO ERP.

Meat Industry

Rustam Foods Private Limited is a large scale company, and has a dominant position in the Meat Industry of India. Company Export its products to various other countries. Company needs a solution in which complete information related to manufacturing, Customers, orders and the export can be managed. Bito Given a complete Meat Manufacturing / Processing / Production ERP Software. The ERP software implementation not only start giving the reports but also it became an overall monitoring platform for streamlined production.

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