Server Installation & Configuration

Bito Technologies provide professional services for the server installation and configuration. Almost all types of server are provided by us and according to the requirement customizations are possible. With the cloud platforms servers can integrate with existing cloud or can be used to create a new cloud. Our server solutions are economical and optimum according to the client requirement. Our team has installed many servers in various levels of organizations (small, medium & large). If you are looking for a good efficient server solution you can find our solution.

According to Hardware architecture there are three major types of servers and we deal in all of them

Tower Servers

Rack servers are designed for high performance and data transactions. Rack servers are used in cluster, means multiple rack servers can clubbed together to increase the overall performance of the application or desired output.

Rack Servers

Most commonly used for small organization where there is a need of standalone servers and need not to club with other servers.

Blade Servers

Blades servers are more compact servers than rack servers. These servers are used for the very heavy data storage or data transactions generally used by the large organizations for the public cloud or server farms.

Server types by usage

There are various usage purposes of servers according to which they are classified. We provide installation and configuration for following type of servers

Private servers

This servers can be used for any purpose whether to store any private organization data, files or for the hosting of any application or database

Application Server

To host the application of any organization depending upon the type of the application and application minimum hosting requirements operating system is required to install.

Database Server

These are used as database in any application or for general purpose. The Most common database servers are MY SQL, Postgre SQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Hadoop Etc.

FTP Server

In general utilization FTP Servers are provided by the professional companies where FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server is provided to transfer the files across internet through safe route.

Proxy Server

It act as a middle server between the real server and outer internet. It receive the actual requests from the web and it filter down the requests and pass on to real server in case they are genuine.

Web Server

These web servers are continuously used for hosting any website or web application which need to explore through browsers. So almost all large and medium scale organization use in either direct or indirect way use web server.

Audio/Video Servers

These servers are used for the media broadcasting or streamlining the audio or video content over internet.

Mail Servers

Mail servers are established for the email service. Email servers can be any type of platform based they can be widows and also can be Linux based email servers.

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