Meat Industry Manufacturing ERP

Meat Industry is one of the Emerging and Sustainable industry in India. Meat Industry in India is still not very much organized and use of information technology is quite negligible. Although it is found that organized organizations are far more profitable and recording successive growth over unorganized manufacturing units. The reason behind this odd is the complex business nature and presence of a large number of small scale units where there are economic constraints are also present. Bito Offers a solution of Meat Industry, which is Complete Meat Industry Manufacturing ERP for All Levels of companies. This Robust and Economical Meat Production ERP solution capture and automate all segments of production Unit. By a demo you can understand that why this ERP is one of the best available ERP solutions for Meat Industry.

Key Features

One ERP Software for ALL

The ERP has all the modules for each department so the single information system get sufficient for all aspects.

Cloud Based Application

This is a cloud ready application and can be installed in both Server as well as Cloud.

Easy Data Management

Save a lot of time as it is far easy to manage data then excel or any stand alone applications.

Business Process Automation

One by one all process of organization get standardized through system after implementation of ERP.

Best Monitoring Tool

Through ERP Data can be managed easily and monitoring becomes a function of simple clicks. Besides that get automatic alerts.

DSS Reporting

DSS Reports is a future use of the ERP. When you can generate trend based reports, planning reports and forecasting reports

Production Management

All Departments of Meat Production get Automated

  1. Lairage Department

    Manage all Receive of Animals
    Manage animal Tagging
    Gatepass System

  2. Slaughter Department

    Auto Capturing of Animal Weight
    Supplier Wise Patti Report
    MIS Reports of Department
    Management of Chiller
    Chiller Capacity Analysis

  3. Deboning Hall Management

    Management of Rejections
    Management of Deboning Batch Wise
    Deboning MIS Reports

  4. Chiller Management

    Chiller Room Capacities Management
    Chiller Stock Management
    Chiller MIS Reports

  5. Fresh Packing

    Capture Fresh Packing Data
    Add Loose /Less Lose Weight Management
    Auto Alerts of Excess Production
    Fresh Packing MIS Reports
    Fresh Entry Verification System

  6. Frozen Packing

    Frozen Packing Data Capture
    Fresh Vs Frozen Comparison
    Auto Alerts of Excess Production
    Frozen MIS Reports

  7. Cold Store

    Manage of Cold Store Capacity
    Management of Cold Store Storage Sections
    All Cold Store Transaction Recording
    Bar Code based and Entry and Exit
    Expiry Item Alert
    Storage and Picking Process
    Cold Store MIS Reports
    Facility of Repacking and Reprocessing Item Data Management
    Item Ledgers
    Item Movement Reports

  8. Dispatch Department

    All Export Transactions Data Management
    All Internal Shift Transactions
    Loading and Dispatch Planning
    Export MIS Reports
    Shifting and Dispatch Reports
    Facility of Local Sale
    Alerts of Faulty Transactions

  9. Export Department

    Order Management
    Packing Instruction Management
    Loading Instruction Management
    Export Documentation
    Order Status Management & Alerts
    Control of Production through Packing Instruction
    Control in Export through Loading instructions
    Export MIS Reports
    Available Stock Analysis

Other Non-production ERP Modules

Refrigeration Department

Freezer Temperature Log Management
Maintenance Management
Department MIS Reports

Equipment Management

Facility to Manage all Equipment’s of Factory
Alerts of AMC
AMC Cost Management
Equipment Expiry Management

Accessories Management

All Accessories Used in the Factory
MIS Reports

Local Sale

Facility of Local Sale management
Local Sale Item Management
Local Sale Entry Management
Local Sale MIS Reports
Party Wise sale Analysis

Certificate Management

Manage all Company Certifications
Citification Expiry Alert
Certification Document History

Item Management

Management of Brands
Management of Items
Management of Item Attributes

Gate Pass/Security Management

Generate Vehicle Gate Pass
Generate Visitor Gate Pass
Auto Alerts
Facility of Capturing Export Movement
Security Guard Duty Roaster
Unit Access MIS Reports

Documentation / Media Management

Manage all Types of Media
Manage all Type of Documents
Access Restrictions Facility
Document History Management

Communication management

Facility of Communication with individual or group of Contacts.
There will be following Five Modes of Communication
SMS / Email / Push Notifications / ERP Alerts /
Chat Application

Other Big Modules for ERP

Entity Management

Single enterprise level module to capture all type of Organizations/persons associated with company.

  • Manage all kind of Parties
  • Manage Contacts in Parties
  • Facility of Organization Type and Category Classification
  • Search Contact Facility

Purchase Department

A fully process driven module where company can manage the process of purchase. Based on Criteria there can be different purchase process.
Facilities are mentioned below

  • Indent processing
  • Based on category Different Approval Process
  • Facility of Multiple Quotation Analysis
  • Releasing PO
  • Facility of Checking PO Status
  • Facility to Update Payment Status
  • Purchase MIS Reports
  • Supplier Blacklisting Features

Inventory Management

Facility of Management of Complete Inventory of Durables, Consumables used by factory or Company Offices. This Module is further divided in Sub Modules

  • Item Management
  • Store Management
  • Scrap Sale Management

HR Department

HR Department Will Give Facility to Manage complete organization employment information Management.
It is further divided in the following sub modules

  • HR Configuration
  • Recruitment Management
  • Employee MIS
  • Employee Documentation
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Employee Exit Management
  • Employee HR Training Management


Through our ERP V5.1.1 you get a seamless mobility where almost all crucial information is avilable on app and complete monitoring can be done through app. Besides this app become a tool to get connected with your business even when you are far from your production units.

Mobile Apps with ERP

  • 01. Management Monitoring Android App
  • 02. Stock Status Andorid App

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