Real Estate Management Complete ERP Software

Real Estate Companies often find a lot of difficulties to streamline their process especially the accounts, Operations and Marketing Activities. Bito Technologies provide complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Real Estate Management Software (REMS) which have all the modules for your organization. From marketing, Sales, Accounts, Operations, Assets to HR Management everything you can manage in this wonderful tool. Our REMS software also gives feature of collection rented income. In the current scenario companies are doing business in many modes like franchisee model, DST model, Direct Employees, Chain business and our software support all kind of modes of business. Even through customization you can integrate your pattern of business also.

Our ERP Software is a result of in-depth hard work and knowledge of operations and process of Companies which are either present in the construction or providing real estate property to customers. REMS do not only give a right way of working to your company but also save a lot of time of valuable human resource of the company and besides managing heavy files and documents your employees can work on the more productive areas of company. Our ERP Software gives a lot of MIS reports for the analysis of the management company.

Key Features


Cloud Based application

Bito REMS ERP is a cloud-based application and provide smooth functioning across the different devices and multiple platforms.


Effective Communication System

Bito REMS ERP is equipped with integrated communication mediums like SMS, Email, Voice Call etc. So, in all important transactions or alert can be communicated through these mediums



This ERP solutions provides mobile app for customers and associates so they can get all information related to their or available property in this Android or iOS mobile.


Integrated Website

This ERP Can be integrated with website to keep all the information streamlined and centralized. Website can directly show the details of new projects, available properties and other required information.


Easy to Use

Besides having all the features like core ERP system our ERP application is quite easy to use and have a well-established rights management system.


Digital Support System

Being Equipped with DSS (Decision Support System) it generates powerful reports and graphical presentation about company which helps management in decision making.


Integration with Banking Platforms

Now you can easily integrate your Payment gateways as well as payment portals with your ERP. Customers can easily pay their EMI Instalments online through their Login.


Robust Performance

As this ERP system is developed in one of the most advanced technologies and on powerful platforms, These ERP Systems give robust performance even in handling large database or information system.


AI based Application

Bito ERP system are one of the most advanced ERP Systems available in market which generate alerts as well as auto information based on AI.


REMS Modules

Our ERP Solutions are flexible solution which ca be customized According to organization requirement and comes with following predefined modules

  • Utilities Management
  • Organization Configuration Management
  • Property Management
  • Customer Management
  • Enquiry Management
  • Franchisee Management
  • Associate Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Accounts Configuration
  • Sale & Purchase Management
  • Income Management
  • Payment Management
  • Core Accounting
  • Cheque Management
  • Accounting Reports
  • Salary Management
  • Expense Management
Chain Business Management
HR Management
  • HR Configuration
  • Recruitment Management
  • Employee MIS
  • Payroll Management (Off role)
  • Attendance Management
  • HR Document Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Communication Management
  • Document Management
  • Gallery Management
  • Calendar Management
  • User Management
  • Outbound User Management
  • Outbound Portal
  • DSS (Decision Support System)

How Bito does a smooth implementation of ERP
in your organization…

Software Core Modules

Property Management

Property Source Management

  1. 1. Kissan/Seller MIS
  2. 2. All Property Purchase Details
  3. 3. Project wise Property preparation details
  4. 4. Purchase Conditions Management
  5. 5. Purchase Agreement Details
  6. 6. Purchase Registry Details

Property management will have the following features

  • Multiple projects management
  • Upload Property Images
  • Property type and category management
  • Property cost & area management
  • Property status management
  • Property grid and other advanced reports
  • Property summary reports

Other Facilities

  • Hold Property
  • Define Property Attributes
  • Sale Registry Details

Accounts Management

Accounts Configuration management

  • Create own accounting Ledgers
  • Date rights management
  • Defining Expense heads
  • Defining Income heads
  • Various Accounting parameters

Transactions & Journal Posting

  • Easy Property Sale Posting
  • Easy Income/Expense Transactions
  • Easy All types of Journal Posting

Cheque Management

  • Receive cheque management
  • Release cheque Management
  • Cheque clearing management
  • Cheque MIS Formation
  • Pre & Post cheque management

Core Accounting

  • Investors and capital transaction management
  • Journal posting other than income and expense
  • Balance sheet and trial balance formation
  • DSS reports of the accounting

HR Management

Recruitment Management

  • Applicant Source
  • Job posting Management
  • Applicant Database
  • Offer Letter Management
  • Application evaluation Management
  • Bring Transparency in requirement
  • DSS Reports of the applicants
  • Employee MIS
  • Employee Complete Data Management.
  • Employee exit management
  • Reliving Letter Management
  • Experience Certificate Management
  • Employee Movement management
  • Employee MIS reports

Employee attendance management

  • Mark Employee attendance
  • Calculate the employee leaves
  • LWP (Leave without pay) Management
  • Mass Attendance report
  • Individual Attendance report

Payroll management

  • Define employee salary
  • Manage other components like incentive, expense, deductions
  • Attendance based auto salary release
  • Salary slip management
  • Employee salary reports

Stable Release

Release Date: 02 Feb 2020

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