Microfinance ERP & Management Software

Microfinance ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software designed & developed by Bito Technologies is one of the best ERP software available in the industry along with Nidhi Software & Producer Software. The built of the architecture is strong enough to handle the large database and transactions of the organizations up to any number of levels.

We have an entire new section dedicated for the R&D (Research & Development) which makes our software unique and making us pioneer in the Finance Software as integration of product researches and ongoing development is not readily available with most. Our Microfinance Software gives freedom to the organization for customization to any extent and incorporate their procedures and applications in the ERP application. The topmost essential features of our ERP Software are as mentioned below.

Key Features

Unified ERP Software (All departments)

Bito Technologies ERP Solutions gives all in one package where you can manage all your functions in a single application.

Cloud Based Application

Bito ERP Software for credit cooperative organization is a centralized cloud-based application which can be accessed anywhere through internet.

Truly Versatile

Although this application has complex features of management of all ERP requirements but still it is flexible enough to adopt new process and modifications required according to the client

High Accuracy

High Accuracy is one of the greatest assets of our ERP Software. In Financial organizations accuracy is very much required and our applications are well known in delivering accuracy in data & calculations.

Secure & Reliable

Bito Applications are highly secure and reliable when it comes to data security. All the access points are heavily secured and provide unmatched security in overall application.

Excellent AI System

Based on the client rules our application has an Inbuilt AI System. Application automatically generate alerts and warning messages whenever it found issues or problems in system. Besides this system automatically send alerts to the customers.

Maximum Integration Possibilities

You can easily integrate third party services like Aadhar verification, GPS marking, SMS and email services with the application.

Excellent CRM System

With android and iOS mobile apps bito provide excellent CRM system. Customers are one of the most important part for organizations like credit cooperative societies and we take care of your all CRM needs.

Robust Performance

Our ERP systems deliver excellent Robust systems so you can perform in every kind of workload. Whether it is related to the processing of data or to generate critical reports you get excellent result in minimum time frame.


Modules Summary

Bito Microfinance Management Software & ERP

Stable Release 4.0.1

Complete Accounts

  • Accounts Utility Management
  • Deposit Plan Management
  • (Business Section will Have following three Categories)
  • Deposit Plans :FD, RD, MIS, DDS, WDS, YDS etc.
  • Running Plans :Saving Accounts
  • Loan :Personal Loan, Vehicle Loan, Gold Loan, Customizable)
  • Member Management
  • Advisor Management
  • Branch Management
  • Branch Reports
  • HO Operations
  • Correction Management
  • Branch Accounts
  • Core Accounting
  • Commission Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Taxes Management
  • Accounts DSS

HR Management

  • HR Configuration
  • Recruitment Management
  • HR Organizational Structure
  • Employee Attendance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Document Management
  • Employee Exit Management
  • HR DSS

Inventory Management

  • Purchase Department Operations Automation
  • Branch wise Asset Management
  • Separate Document Inventory Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Asset Evaluation

Other Utility Modules

  • Configuration
  • Utility Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Contact Management
  • Gallery Management
  • User Management
  • Task Management
  • Communication Management
  • Document Management
  • Transport Management
  • Knowledge Pool Management

Component Management Modules

  • Associate Mobile App Management
  • Members Mobile App Management
  • Integrated Website Management
  • Advisor Web Portal Management
  • Member Web Portal Management

One ERP caters your all financial Offering to your members


Your Members are your strength

Reward them with one of the best Mobile Apps and Web logins
so they can avail their service on internet. Afterall
who doesn’t like a 24×7 Services on
their mobile phones.


Give your Associate a Powerful tool to perform

Our Integrated associate mobile app has an unmatched
facility to perform. This app gives a lot of facilities like
a branch. So, they need not to visit branch for each
information. Whole information will available to
fingertips of your associate.

BITO Microfinance & Management ERP Software
Stable Release

Release Date: 02 Feb 2020

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