About MLM

Multilevel marketing company always need a robust system where they can manage their complete team of associates as well as business through the software. MLM Companies also need a trouble-free system as their complete business depends upon the software in which they are working. Bito Technologies provide single system for the MLM companies where they can manage all their operations. The whole software is also integrated with the website. The single database work as information repository. If you are looking for an easy to use yet powerful Best MLM Software in India, then Bito MLM Software is your right choice. We offer customization as well as 24×7 Support for your application.

We provide one of the best MLM Software available in India. Our years of experience in MLM Software development and customization is well proven. We do not only provide software application but also work as IT consultant so that the company can perform in their IT Goals. Whatever your income distribution plan is we are ready to deliver the best possible solution.

Our MLM Plans

Binary MLM Plan

It’s a basic Binary Plan as the name suggests is based around the number 2. One needs to introduce two directs in the downline to earn income. One can sponsor more than two members in the downline. The third member will be placed in the next available space in the downline of the sponsor.

Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix MLM is one of the basic and original Multilevel Marketing Business plans. This plan works on a Matrix structure. There are basically two matrix plans in play, one is Forced Matrix and the other one is Auto Matrix. In the auto matrix plan, the newly recruited member will be placed automatically in the available space of the sponsor downline.

Board MLM Plan

Board MLM Plan is based on board structure with sure shot success and opportunity to take benefit from the hard work of all the board members.There are two different types of board. Feeder board & Main board. Member first enters into the Feeder board. Once the Feeder board get filled the board shuffled. After shuffling the Feeder board get split into two new board by promoting the topmost member into the next higher board.

Unilevel MLM Software

Unilevel MLM Plan is without limitations in plan width. It is one of the easiest conceptions and allows you to sponsor single line of distributors with very easily to understand and explain. Without limitation, this plan can be root very long allowing each member to add as many downlines.

Stair MLM Plan

Stair MLM Plan is used by many large established organizations. In this plan, the pay scale is based on the product being moved and volume being generated in your businesses. Here the members are permitted to sponsor an unlimited number of frontline distributors/associates.

Party MLM Plan

Party MLM plan works by marketing your products through social events like a home-based party, but in the manner of Multi-level marketing plan. MLM companies or distributors will introduce their products to the people via meeting or directly calling them at home. Party Plan is considered as one of the latest MLM strategies. During this social event the products will be displayed for sale.


Generation MLM Plan is one of the best compensation plans when product selling is involved. It is based on generation structure. Usually, the generation income is distributed as per generation levels. The plan is based on a pure product selling concept. Generation Plan is a Network Marketing Business Plan which can be paid many levels deep. It works perfectly with clients who are having large consumer durable products.


Australian Binary MLM plan is the modified version of the Unilevel plan. The administrator can define any x-up type and also have control over pass-up commissions.

Type of MLM Software

Our MLM software Features

Cloud Based MLM Application

Cloud Based Application

Our solution is a web based cloud application so you need not to worry about the scale of your requirement. Our application can handle large amount of data.

Cloud Based MLM Application

Secure & Safe

Our solution is a web based cloud application so you need not to worry about the scale of your requirement. Our application can handle large amount of data.


Suitable for All kinds of Product or Services Based MLM

This application is suitable for all kind of product or services MLMs. And organization can run mix of service or products.


Mobile App for Associates

Now you can empower your associates with latest android and IOS Applications. Associates can manage all their operations & Performance from their mobile app.


Multiple Chains Single System

Our application supports all kind of chains in single application. So for different type of MLM chains you need to not to manage multiple applications.


International Business Facilities

Our application supports international business also from single system. Company can manage multiple currencies and times zone in single ERP application.


3 rd Party API Integration

Our application can easily integrate with your existing 3 rd party APIs like Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, Email Gateway, aadhar Verification API, Recharge and UPI API integration.


AI Enabled Applications

We understand that in modern era where AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes a necessity. Our application generate AI powered alerts and notifications whenever it found any uncommon process.

Our Software Package Inclusions

Feature Basic Advanced Ultimate
Modules/Functions Yes Yes Yes
Single/Multiple MLM Plan Integration Single Single Multiple
Any type of MLM (Product or Service) Yes Yes Yes
E-Commerce Platform No Yes Yes
E-Commerce Logistics Management No No Yes
SCM (Supply Chain Management) No No Yes
Customer Wallet Yes Yes Yes
Wallet Services (Recharge, Bill Payment) No Yes Yes
Associate Tree View Yes Yes Yes
Basic Accounting No No No
Full Accounting Yes Yes Yes
Asset Management No No Yes
HR Management Yes Yes Yes
Recruitment Management No No Yes
Basic Payroll Yes Yes No
Advanced Payroll No No Yes
Training Management No No Yes
Calendar Management No Yes Yes
Task Scheduler No Yes Yes
Support System (Ticket Based) No No Yes
Document Manager No Yes Yes
Communication Management No Yes Yes
Associate Web Login No Yes Yes
SMS API Integration Yes Yes Yes
Email API Integration No Yes Yes
SSL Implementation No Yes Yes
Application Hosting Type Shared Dedicated Cloud
Payment Gateway Integration Yes Yes Yes
Automated Digital Payments No No Yes
Integrated Website No Yes Yes
Bar & QR Code Enabled Application No Yes Yes
Multiple Currencies & Time Zone No No Yes
AI Notification & Alerts No No Yes
Auto Secure Backup System No No Yes
Finger Print Storage No No Yes
Mobile Features
Android App No Yes Yes
IOS App No No Yes
Wallet Management No Yes Yes
Capture Profile Image No Yes Yes
Other Services
3 Month Promotion No No Yes
Marketing Kit & Material No No Yes
Logo Designing No No Yes
Branding Consultation No No Yes
Promotional Videos No No Yes
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Associate Mobile App Features

Bito Technologies offers fully customizable applications for the MLM organizations from where associate can manage all their operations.

  • Profile Management
  • New Joining from App
  • Business Update
  • Product & Service order
  • Wallet Management
  • Alert & Notifications
  • Document Management
  • Tree View
  • Recharge & Bill Payments
  • Print own ID Card
  • Share application
  • Forget Password
  • Change Password

10 Reasons

To Choose Bito Technologies as your IT Partner


Bito Technologies has an experience of 10 Years & successful implementation of more than 100 MLM software.

Robust Application

Our MLM Application can handle large amount of transactions and data.

Secure / Easy to Use / Flexible

The above mentioned three features are our core application feature where we develop each and every attribute considering these three features.

Innovative Technologies

We use industry best technologies in our application so your performance in your chain should be uninterrupted.

Unmatched Support

Bito provides 24×7 support to our clients. So you can work without any problem.

Ecommerce Integrated

Interactive ecommerce design with attractive listing and user friendly

Whatsapp Integration

Provide Customer best Service By Integrating the best messaging app.

Best Takeover Experience

Not satisfied with your current service provider, time to swap your outdated MLM Software with very less effort.

Multi-Vendor Management

The above mentioned three features are our core application feature where we develop each and every attribute considering these three features.

Secure / Easy to Use / Flexible

Provide an opportunity for vendors to come across on a single platform and boost your business with them.