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Looking for a Portal

If you are looking for a web portal for the organization or for any new business idea, Bito Technologies offers one of the most dynamic and easy to use web portals. Our portals are designed to hit the target audience and pages are SEO Friendly. In comparison of website portals can handle large data and most of the pages show dynamic content. There are may be endless types of portals are possible but based on major two categories which are data portals and business portals web portals can be following types:-

Data Portals
Data portals are developed for either collection or presentation of certain kind of data and the organization developed it for very specific type of target audience.

Example: if an Educational organization wants to create a portal for the alumnus where their alumnus can register and contact with each other as well as institute then this portal has very narrows segment of users and created for the specific data only.

Business Portals
Business portals are generally created under any business venture and portals are open for a large number of target audience. Most common & popular business portals are mentioned below. Bito Technologies provide all kinds of the portal development according to the specific needs of the customer:-

  • Job Portals
  • Matrimonial Portals
  • Web Directories
  • Dating Sites
  • E-Commerce

Project Development phases adopted by Bito Technologies for Web Portal

Requirement Analysis

: This phase is dedicated to the requirement analysis. Bito Technologies has a specific way of the data collection and analyse the specific requirement.


: After prolonged mooting on the data available for requirement analysis that what will be the best way of execution of the project and what will be the development stages.


: Development itself has many stages for the easy development & testing. Project development is break down in several blocks and then each block is developed by their experts.


: Bito gives a forced beta testing through the testing unit of the company and the testing unit test the complete portal on various parameters of performance. After testing form in-house department it is also given to the client side testing


: After the complete testing it is hosted to the desired location and further a go through has done by the team to check online performance.

Maintenance & Support

: Company provides full support to the client for any frequent changes so the client remain competitive in their market. Bito support team also keep a close watch to the portal performance.

Benefits of Portal Development with Bito Technologies

  • Expert team in portal development
  • SEO Friendly portal development
  • Excellent support and maintenance
  • Secure and encrypted portals for data security
  • Flexible solutions for the future ready development
  • Easy hosting and monitoring solutions with portal development

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