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Finance ERP (Credit Cooperative Societies & Mutual Benefit Companies)


This ERP is designed for all the organizations who work in the financial sectors. This flexible but powerful performance best can handle large chunk of data. We know that each organization is different in not only their operations but also in objectives so we have designed this product in such manner that it will fit in your requirement. The ERP has the features which you expect from and ERP system and also the features which you have never expected. This enterprise ERP application can make you free from the painful task of the management of the organization software so you can precisely more focus on the organization task.


This ERP has more than 35 Modules & Sub modules which are divided for the ease of the working.

H R Management
Inventory Management
Operations modules
User management modules
Utility Modules
IT Modules

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The ERP has following Advanced Features Like

  • Integration with Hardware like ATM Machine, hand held Devices, RFID card recognition, all types of printers, KIOSK Panels, Web cam & many More
  • Integration with Services like SMS Communication, Email Communication, Payment Gateway, SSL Security
  • Support multiple branches, Multiple Users & Multiple locations
  • Easy backup & Recovery Solutions
  • Software performance monitoring wizard.
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Information Flow (Summary)

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Credit Cooperative Society
Finance Company Software
FD/RD Software

Credit Cooperative Society ERP
Loan Software

Credit Cooperative software in Lucknow
Mutual Benefit Company Software