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University Complete ERP Solution (University Management Software) UMS

University or Higher Educational Institute ERP is a management software which gives almost 90% process automation of the complete institute. Through Bito solution any institute can easily manage the recruitment, admission, academic activities, examination Management, Classroom Scheduling, Communication, Human Resource management, Inventory management and many more activities through a single ERP System. The complete ERP system has a single database so the university need not to manage single data or information in multiple times. A lots of documents like students admit card, TC certificate, Degree, Report card and many more documents can be directly printed by the ERP Application. This application gives an individual login for all university identities like Students, Employees & Alumni where they can find their own dashboard and utilities.

The Complete application is developed in web platform so can be hosted on web, cloud or in-house server. This application can be accessed in mobile phone also through internet or intranet. After implementation reports are as easy to retrieve just like single button. Besides this all usefulness this application has high security features complete data can be easily stored in backup files.

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Why Go for University Management Software :-

Easy Communication
It gives easy communication platform for all the resources of the university whether they are employees, students or university vendors.

Data Security
All the data related to the students, examination, admission become secured in the software and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Work of ease
An ERP System makes the work very easy as all the systems and departments and systems are inter connected so most of the time there is no need of repeating the same work many time.

Advanced Digital Experience
ERP has integrated features of digital class & Knowledge pool features with digital library where students can view the videos of lectures, access digital copies of books and also get answers of their questions in forum.

Overall Education Experience
AN ERP system enrich the overall education experience for the students and faculty both. It increases the value in multiple times what students are getting against their fee.

University ERP Modules :-

Sr. No. Module Name
1 University Configuration
2 Academics Activity Management
3 Student Admission Management
4 Student Exit Management
5 Course curriculum Management
6 Examination Management
7 Documents Management
8 Human Resource Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Employee Attendance & leave Management
  • Employee MIS
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • H R Document Management
9 Communication Management
10 Accounts Management
  • Fee Management
  • Core Accounting
11 File Tracking System
12 Integrated E- Tendering Feature
13 Supply & Procurement Automation
14 Legal Department Automation
15 Digital Library
16 Physical Library Automation
17 Knowledge Pool
18 Placement Management
19 Hostel Management
20 Mess Management
21 University Calendar Management
22 Alumni Portal
23 Integrated University Website
24 Gate Pass Management

ERP Activity Automation Summarized Details:-
  • Admission process
  • Class Room scheduling options
  • Mass Communication through SMS
  • Maas Communication through Emails
  • Auto SMS Alerts
  • Examination Scheduling
  • Student Attendance facility
  • Complete Student MIS
  • Course Curriculum Management
  • Project Upload Management
  • Examination management
  • Report card generation and online result declaration
  • Online Admit Card Generation
  • Digital TC Certificate Print
  • Digital Degree release option
  • Student Enquiry management
  • Scholarship management facility
  • Online recruitment portal
  • Recruitment management
  • Employee MIS
  • Leave & attendance management
  • Payroll management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Employee Document Management
  • Mass or group SMS Communication
  • Mass or group Email Communication
  • Employee Exit management
  • Employee Portal

Fee Management

  • Manage Fee Heads
  • Discount Facility
  • Category wise different fee
  • Automated Fee Collection
  • Auto Reminders
  • Defaulters List Report
  • Multiple Reports

Accounts Features

  • Accounting According to Indian
  • Accounting System
  • Ledger & Journal Management
  • Voucher Posting
  • Vendor and Supplier Management
  • Expense Management
  • Miscellaneous Expense Management
  • Multiple Bank Management
  • Cheque Management
  • Core Accounting Features
  • Balance Sheet & Trial Balance Reports
  • File Tracking System
  • University Online Publications
  • Tendering Process
  • Civil Department
  • Digital Library
  • Student Zone
  • Self-Attendance
  • Self-Fee Status
  • Knowledge Pool
  • Search University Faculty
  • Find Own Time Table
  • Access University calendar
  • University Gallery
  • Job Placements
  • Alumnus Portal

Comparison of Our Software with other available solutions

Reasons why not any other ordinary solution in the market go for Bito ERP:-

Feature Ordinary Software Bito University Management
Automation Level Most of the Software or Applications automate only the academic process not the complete university or college Bito Gives a complete solution which can automate almost all the process of the university.
Security Ordinary security regulations An enterprise application which comes with min 128 bit encryption.
Performance When no of user increases performance decreases. There is no effect on the performance as the complete application is based on heavy standards of development
Platform Variable Web based application which is cloud compatible
Ease of Use Most of the time no standards Standards of use and complete project follow standards of navigation or search.
Communication SMS & Email One touch SMS Feature
One touch email Feature
Chat Facility
Circulars & Notifications
Customization & Flexibility Rigid application gives you minimum option of customization Highly flexible application so it can be customized according to the need.
Cloud Compatibility Variable Yes
Mobile App Either there is no mobile app or ordinary app Efficient mobile app for employees and students to view and manage their operations.
Student Login Variable Complete features for the students which gives all the required information to the student and also help in his/her educational objectives.
Employee Login Variable Each employee get a login and the 20% Features are similar which include commonly usable features.
Website Integration No Facility Bito ERP Can be Integrated with the institute website so there is no requirement of the duplicate entries.
Digital Library Variable Bito Technologies include a digital library which manages the physical books as well as the digital content of the university
Knowledge Pool Management No Knowledge pool management is a very unique feature created by Bito. This features gives a forum like place where students and faculties can raise their questions and get answers. Besides this this platform also store news. Can bring live content through RSS Feed. Can store digital content
Intelligent Alerts No Bito ERP does not only process information but also generate the alerts for the critical work or reminders.
DSS Management No Bito technologies gives a complete section which can generate summarized DSS (decision Support System) Reports which include graphical presentation of performance or university according to the different parameters.

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