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Real Estate Management Software (REMS ERP)

Real Estate Companies often find a lot of difficulties to streamline their process specially the accounts, Operations and Marketing Activities. Bito Technologies provide complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Real Estate Management Software (REMS) which have all the modules for your organization. From marketing, Sales, Accounts, Operations, Assets to HR Management everything you can manage in this wonderful tool. Our REMS software also gives feature to collection of money of lease. In the current scenario companies are doing business in many modes like franchisee model, DST model, Direct Employees, Chain business and our software support all kind of modes. Even through customization you can integrate your pattern of business also.

Our ERP Software is a result of in-depth hard work and knowledge of operations and process of Companies which are either present in the construction or providing real estate property to customers. REMS does not only gives a right way of working to your company but also save a lot of time of valuable human resource of the company and besides managing heavy files and documents your employees can work on the more productive areas of company.

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Why Go for REMS (Real Estate Management Software)

Manage your Property
whatever your property is either for sale or for rent you can easily manage your property and check status of the property. Facility to manage the property in categories and different formats for Flats, Houses, Bungalows and other.

Manage your Employees
whether operations staff or sales staff all can be managed by the software. Complete HR management solution so you need not to worry for Human Resource management.

Manage Customers
Easily manage the customer MIS and send them promotional as well as transactional SMS & Emails.

Complete Account Monitoring
All real estate companies find great trouble in managing accounts specially income and expense. Besides this managing the instalment of the clients is also a big trouble

Customizable Application
The application can be customized up to indefinite limits. Although the framework support almost all the process and work automation if still you need anything different required it can be edited.

Economical Prices
If investing a small amount can save a lot of time and money then the investment worth its value. Bito Technologies provide one of the most economical real estate management software but delivers one of the most powerful performances

ERP Modules :-

Sr. No. Module Name
1 Accounts Management
  • Account Configuration
  • Sale Purchase Management
  • Income Management
  • Payment Management
  • Core Accounting
  • Cheque Management
  • Accounting Reports
  • Salary Management
  • Commission Management
  • Expense Management
2 Human Resource Management
  • HR Configuration
  • Recruitment Management
  • Employee MIS
  • Attendance Management
  • HR Document Management
  • Employee Payroll
3 Property Management
4 Customer Management
5 Associate Management
6 Sales Force Automation
  • Lead Management (Enquiry)
  • Sales Team Management
  • Define Targets
  • Reports
7 Transport Management
8 Franchisee Management
9 Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Product MIS
  • Store & Inventory Management
  • Logistics
10 Communication Management
11 Document Management
12 Configuration Management
13 Gallery Management
14 Task Management
15 User Management
16 Calendar Management
17 DSS (Decision Support System)
18 Knowledge Pool Management (For Employees)

Bito REMS Features

Our complete cloud based application can be used anywhere and anytime. This advanced new generation software gives you enormous beneficial features to you and few of them are mentioned below.

  • Complete Web Based software so no need to manage any hardware or software license
  • Complete SFA (Sales Force Automation) Module for the sales team and marketing activities
  • Inventory Management module for company inventory as well as asset management process
  • ERP Gives features to Sale, Rent property through multiple modes and in multiple ways
  • Complete Document management module to store the important documents of the company
  • ERP has a full developed user management so easily rights can be distributed to all users
  • Secure software with encrypted login and IP Detection and binding facilities
  • Automatic alerts & Reminders in crucial activities like pending collections and payments
  • Easy to customize software and flexible to incorporate future changes
  • High performance communication management system and integrated SMS and Email communication system
  • Lots of utility tools like calendar & event management, Task management, Gallery Management & Chat Facilities
  • Software developed in one of the most advanced technologies and stable database to ensure that it perform every time
  • Easy to use and GUI based software for convenience in use

There are following modules in the software
  • Separate Login for franchisee & Brokers
  • Define different commission structure
  • Easy calculation of commission
  • Define incentive or awards
  • Bulk SMS, Emails or Notification System
  • Manage complete MIS
  • Manage Accounts of Franchisee & Brokers
  • Recruitment Management
  • Employees Attendance & Leave Management
  • Employee MIS
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Employee Training & Development Management
  • Employee Document Management
  • Employee Formats
  • Single Platform for all communication
  • Bulk SMS Facility to Employees, Customers, Franchisee, Brokers, vendors etc.
  • Bulk Email Facility to Employees, Customers, Franchisee, Brokers, vendors etc.
  • Post Notifications & Circulars In house chat facility
  • Complete Accounts Management
  • Property Sale and Instalment management
  • Property rent management
  • Complete Tax management
  • Expense Management
  • Accounting reports
  • Accounts Customized to full fill all the needs of the Real Estate operations
  • Property Sale DSS
  • Customer Base DSS
  • Income vs. Expense DSS
  • Sale Mode DSS
  • Marketing Effectiveness DSS
  • Enquiry DSS
  • A lot more type of DSS for easy management decision making
  • Utilities Management
  • Organization Configuration Management
  • Document Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Gallery Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Task Management
  • User Management
  • Outbound User Management
  • Outbound Portal
  • DSS (Decision Support System)
  • Facility to management different projects
  • Manage different types of property
  • Any time view status of property
  • Property Purchase and document details management
  • Property grid and other advanced reports
  • Property Purchase MIS Reports
  • Easy customer MIS
  • Manage customer contact details
  • Manage customer login details
  • Send SMS or Email to customers
  • Customer Log Details
  • Manage sales person
  • Manage all sales modes like Franchisee, Brokers, and Employees etc.
  • Complete Enquiry Management System
  • Define Sale incentives & Targets
  • Create Hierarchy of sales team
  • Marketing planning & budget Management

What Clients Says About Us

“We never expected that ERP can do such wonders in data management, bringing efficiency to our company. But we really thanks to the team of Bito Technologies without them it will be never possible”

Vimal Yadav

Marketing Director

Ablaze Star Infradevelopers Pvt. Ltd.

Different types of Login & the facilities in the Login

Employee Login

  • Assigned work in the ERP
  • Company Calendar
  • Self-Salary Slips
  • Self-Attendance & Leave Status
  • Own tasks
  • Support request access
  • Notifications & circulars
  • Other default functions
Franchisee or Broker

  • Property Availability
  • Self-Billing
  • Check Commission Status
  • Check new offers and awards
  • Check company calendar
  • Company Notifications & Circulars
  • Own Profile
  • Change Password
  • View Accounting Transactions
Customer Login

  • Purchased Property
  • Rented Property
  • Online Payment facility
  • Complete Instalment History
  • Manage own profile
  • Change Password
  • Company Calendar
  • Company Notices and Circulars
  • Company Gallery
  • Company Offers

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