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Educational Institute ERP (Schools, Colleges and Universities)


BITOS V1.1.14 is one of the most robust Educational institute ERP software. We have created this powerful tool keeping in mind that each school have different needs and our product should be flexible and agile enough to be customized according to the need of each educational institution. Our holistic vision in the educational institute ERP management process improvement and knowledge of information management over the years.


This ERP has the following modules

Finance Module
Academic Activity
School Operations
Utility Modules
Human Resource Management
Inventory Management
Configuration Modules
Different Department Modules
Advanced Educational Modules
User Modules
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The ERP has following Advanced Features Like:

Direct print solution for Report Cards, Bills, TC, Character Certificates, ID Cards and many more school formats
Gives you actual stock inventory level and critical level alerts
Automation of almost all the school operations
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Information Flow (Summary)

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School Management Software
College Management Software
University Automation Software
School ERP Software

University Management Software

School Management Software in Lucknow
School Fee Management

School Automation Software
Report Card Software
College Automation Software