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Website Design Trends That Are Shaping Up Today’s Era

Posted Date : 05 Sep 2016 | Posted By : Sweta Dixit

Over the period of time, the approach to website designing has changed completely. From complicated design the trend has shifted to simple and subtle designs, from over the top to calm yet there are vibrant shades and a lot more to it. Unique website design styles can help a brand to produce great results in terms of user engagement and building consumer interest. Think about your target audience, and the nature of your business, including your products or services. The designer creating a responsive design should ensure that the website’s navigation elements, screen layouts, texts, images, audio/video players and other UI elements re-adjust themselves on a variety of devices.

Professionals always make sure that their offices, their uniforms and even their actions look professional. Websites are also part of the business. Hence, it is also important for the website to look professional. Online reputation is important these days because most people rely on the internet. Even business can succeed through the internet. Design trends are constantly changing due to advancements in technology and evolving industry standards. From a designer’s perspective, we have noticed some innovative and artistic website design trends that are becoming more prevalent across various platforms.

Card Layouts

Informational bite size chunks for a perfect first glance, is what defines a card layout on the website. With all the necessary information in one go, they are definitely making it hot in the design trends. Website card layouts were first popularized by Pinterest a few years back and have since become a trend for content-heavy webpages. A card layout is best used on pages with lots of data that should be scannable. The landing page for Google Now uses a card layout to advertise optional cards for the Google Now app.

Long Scroll

All important things above the fold are now only a thing of the Long scrolls are the in-thing today, almost everyone is accustomed to long scrolls thanks to mobile devices. Users are more aware of them and do not find functionality alien due to its presence in various responsive website designs. Long scrolling changes UX design, opening the door for more narrative approaches and simpler interaction models.

Hamburger menu

One of the most common and useful trends being followed today along with a huge fan following. It is one of the most effective way to cope with the rising demand of responsive website designing. It is the three horizontal line icon on the top of any website design.We can surely predict that it has a long life as having the huge fan following.

 Hero Images

Hero images are influential and high definition. They make people believe more in the services and products. The advancement in the data travelling and increase in bandwidth has eased the loading time issue of hero images. You have two options – A dull website which does not interact with the users or a website which tells its own story with animations. Which one would you prefer? Unless the situation demands you to say first option, you sure will stick to the second one.

 Loading Animations

Keeping a simple loading animation matching with the color scheme of your website is a good option to make it interesting for the users in an otherwise boring experience. Animations are the great preferance of audience these days. It also makes a website more responsive and unique.

Hover Text and Animations

Hover text is the text appearing in the small box as you hover upon any object on the website. It helps users get an instant visual feedback about the products and things present on the website and gives the website a more interactive and intuitive feel. Hover effects give a more intuitive feel to a site as users mouse over content.

Motion Animations

Moving things grab our attention the most and therefore motion animation on a website is a very good idea. Not only it draws a user’s attention but also lets them feel in control. Our eyes are naturally drawn to motion, which makes it the perfect tool for drawing a user’s attention.

 Account Registration


You will find this pattern whenever you try to register for a site. There might be a form to fill out or a button that will allow to use a social account to sign up. Multi-step form wizards are also effective since they chunk out the required fields, reducing friction and encouraging users to flow through the process.

 Product Explainer Videos

Product explainer videos offer a quick, concise way to tout the virtues of a given product. With informative voiceovers and clever animations, product explainer videos can work for any-sized company in letting people know just why their products are great. One thing brands will have to keep in mind when using such videos is their inaccessibility to some audiences if captions aren’t included.

 Direct Chat with Support

Chatting with customers and responding to their questions helps personalize a company's web presence. Apps like Intercom modernize the support experience by mirroring how messaging works on social media sites like Facebook. The ability to get help immediately also helps build trust in a brand. Chat thus becomes an effective tool in helping customers solve their problems. Direct chat can also help convert new users in a highly contextual way.