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Sales Force Automation System (SFAS)

Sales Force Automation is large enterprise application and made up of various small enterprise applications like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), lead Management, contact Management, order management etc. All organizations specially dealing in B To B segment requires an efficient Sales Force Automation solution. Sales force automation automate the all process which occur between finding a prospective client to deliver the product or service to client. It also manage all the activities of the marketing as well as sales team of the company. Our cloud based solution for this application gives the sales and marketing team an advantage that they can access their login portal from anywhere through internet.

Bito offers a Best Sales Force Automation Software with following key components:

  1. Enquiry Management
  2. Customer Management
  3. Sales Team Management
  4. DCR & Marketing Activity Management
  5. DSS & Analytics Management
  6. Sales Forecasting
  7. Order Management
  8. Product Knowledge

Features in each component of the sales Force Automation enterprise application

  • Enquiry Management
    (provide facility to register client enquires for the sale, Auto communication, Follow-up Enquires, Enquiry DSS for effective mediums and sources)
  • Customer Management
    (Can manage complete MIS of the customers and with their contact details, classification of the clients and customers are possible, Customer communication facility. Alerts for the birthdays and Marriage anniversary)
  • Sales Team Management
    (sales team can be managed by the client, distribution of targets based on the product or service type. Sales team performance management)
  • DCR & Marketing Activity Management
    (sales or marketing team can make a MIS of the activities done by them. Fully developed DCR (Daily Call Report) for the sales team available. Easy reports for the customer coverage and area coverage)
  • DSS & Analytical Management
    (Decision and Analytical reports will give the complete overview of the sales and marketing activities)
  • Sales forecasting
    (depending upon the sales trend depending upon the various factors the application can produce the data of the tentative sales forecasting figures)
  • Order Management
    (can present the sequence of the order management for products & services)
  • Product Knowledge
    (here product knowledge module will be present where management can store product knowledge related documents like PPT, product Manuals, Brochure Etc.)

Why you need a SFA?

  • Bring alignment in the process of sales & marketing
  • Easy tracking and monitoring of leads improve conversion up to 40%
  • Analysis of client and area coverage
  • Improved overall performance of the organization
  • Increased client/Customer satisfaction level

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