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NAS is now days a popular technology used by organizations to store their files, data over a network computer to reduce the risk of loss of files and information within the organization. NAS actually work as a file server providing freedom to users to store their data in central location and if permissions are granted the same data can be utilized by other users also. NAS is very famous for its efficiency and protection level. For efficiency we commonly use RAID technology which provides logical, redundant storage containers for data storage. Our NAS Solutions typically provide network sharing by using NFS protocol of network sharing.


Faster Data Access

Besides the preceding technology the NAS provide faster access of data from network. The NAS also easily configurable so the maintenance of NAS storages are also cheaper than file servers.

Data protection

Date can be easily protected by the permission rights as these data are stored in different locations and with proper administration we can include several checks that who can access the data or file.

Easy Configuration and installation

NAS storages can be easily installed to any location and most importantly the maintenance of this system is very easy in comparison of others as in case of up gradation we have to add the network storage devices only and we can increase capacity as well as efficiency of system.