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E-Tendering Software Application (ETSA)

E-Tendering is a very popular application for the big organizations where organizing a tendering process is a very tedious job. Bringing transparency is one of the toughest task in the management of tendering. This application is solution for all the tendering automation need for any organization. . It can handle any type of tendering process and depending upon the requirement the organization can set own different rules for the tenders and ask for the quotations. Bito offers a Best E-Tendering Software and its complete system is online so it also reduce the geographical boundaries of the participants and it ensure that best compatible participant should get the tender.

The application has user management and rights distribution. Only authorized people can view the tenders and if required then the data can be kept encrypted and after the time of opening the quotations it will become visible to all the management.

Features of E- Tendering Software

  • An online web based application can be accessed from anywhere
  • High level of security and confidential approach
  • Multiple users with multiples roles and rights in software
  • Brings 100% transparency in working of the tendering process
  • Keeps the documentation part very easy and secure
  • Automatic alerts in the crucial events in the software
  • Can create unlimited number of users for the tender applicants
  • Can release unlimited number of the tenders as well as tender application
  • Auto selection and hints for the eligible applicants
  • Easy document printing and tender template formation
  • Reports can be exported in PDF & Excel formats
  • Keeps the log of the each activity done by the users
  • Extra security keys to open the tender
  • Facility to create document repository

Benefits with E-Tendering Software with Bito Technologies

  • Cloud Based application makes you free from maintaining the application and the hardware
  • Regular updates from the company to keep your software more robust and useful
  • Excellent support so your most of the issues will resolve within 24 hours
  • In the premium version there is no limit of no of tenders or tender values

Modules in the software

Configuration Management

  • Define organization Logo
  • Define organization Name
  • Define Organization Address
  • Define Organization Departments
  • Sourcing Parameters Management
  • Tender Type Management

RFP/RFQ Management

    This gives an easy method for creating & management of RFP (Request for Proposal) or RFQ (Request for Quotation)

  • Template based creation
  • Easily publish document
  • Receive online applications
  • Software based analysis of the RFP or RFQ
  • Quick Reports

Product/Service Management

  • Define Categories and sub categories
  • Define Products
  • Define Services
  • Define Work
  • Easy reports feature

Committee Management

  • In organization member management
  • Out organization member management
  • Committee creation and Management

Vendor Management

  • Define registration fee
  • Approve vendor applications
  • Manage vendor details
  • Manage vendor logins
  • Check vendor logs
  • Check vendor performance

Tender Management

  • Create tender
  • Publish tender
  • Receive applications
  • Arrange pre and post bid meeting
  • Facility of negotiation information
  • Facility to manage rate contracts
  • Online payment facility for document fee, earnest money, security money or any kind of fee through payment gateway
  • Template based creation of the tender document

Accounts Management

  • Generate Work Order
  • Generate Purchase Order
  • Manage AMC Contracts
  • Audit management facility
  • Work/Purchase/Service Quality marking

DSS (Decision Support System) Reports

  • Tenders Duration wise
  • Tender categories wise
  • Department Wise
  • Tender value DSS
  • RFP Duration Wise
  • RFQ Duration Wise
  • Customized Reports

User Management

  • Create users
  • Define user rights
  • Define department rights
  • User Log report
  • User Activity Report

Tendering Steps in the Application

Although the application is customizable the application support following steps of E-Tendering

Tender Notice Creation :

Easily tender notice can be created and it can store multiple attachments of with notice. Few data can be published distinguish like-

  • Date of Creation
  • Last date of Submission
  • Category of the Notice
  • Earnest Money Required
  • Minimum Start Bid

Tender Promotion :

Through one click the tender can be easily promoted to the all vendors or suppliers present in the MIS.

Tender Document :

Complete PDF of the tender document can be uploaded with tender notice or complete guidelines can be written in the given sections and a PDF can be generated through tender document process.

Pre Bid Meeting :

In the application it is easy to declare the date, time and venue of pre bid meetings. The vendors or suppliers can easily get the notification through email or message. There is a facility through which minutes of the meeting can be also uploaded after the meeting.

Online Bid Submission :

Each registered vendor or supplier can register to the application by physical form submission or online for submission. Each registered user can submit his/her bid for the tender through specified login given to him.

Payment Gateway :

In case organization need the Earnest money or any other fee for the tender application or along with bid submission then payment gateway can be integrated.

Tender Evaluation :

Through the specified fields the application can self-evaluate the tenders according to the defined bracket of the values. Although the tender details will be visible only when all the committee members will use their PIN to unlock the tenders.

Negotiation :

In case the committee found any issue in the tender application and need further negotiation then application has facility to store multiple applications with complete details by single vendor for the same tender.

Tender Award :

Tender can be awarded to any selected applicant and the details of the awarded vendor can be published online.

Tender Audit & Storage :

The complete process of the tender can be stored in the application and locked so it will be visible in case of any reference required. For future purpose the application can also store the whether the awarded vendor or supplier has fulfilled the tender or not and whether he/she received the money or not.

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