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Stitching & Tailoring Management Software

As custom tailoring is a very tedious task and when you have a big clientele managing the task is again a very big issue. Our tailoring management or stitching order management software eases your work by simple automation of the process. Our software covers almost all the aspects of the tailoring. Our software is so vast and friendly that unlike most of the tailoring organizations you will need not to manage any manual book. Through simple operations all the process will be managed and customers will always remain update regarding the status of their orders. Our Tailoring Software is already running in many leading custom tailoring and stitching shops, Boutiques. One of the most prominent customers are Raymond Shops.

Why Go for Bito Tailoring and Stitching Software :-

Easy to use multiuser software
(More than one user can use the software and admin can define the user rights)

Cloud based application
(Now there is no need of hardware or compatible OS you can simply use software on cloud)

Inventory Management Features
(Now manage your tailoring inventory like buttons, hangers and covers in the software and minimum level alert system)

SMS & Email alert system
Easily send the SMS to customers for transactional or promotional purpose)

Use of web cam for fabric or any kind of design
(Use web cam for fabric or storage of any design)

Demo designs which customer can choose easily
(Customer can easily choose the cloth design)

Easy accounting and Pending List
Provide easy accounting feature and the list of the pending payments

Software has the following modules:

Customer Management

  • Customer MIS
  • Customer Bulk SMS
  • Customer Bulk Email
  • Customer Contact Details

Order & Process Management

  • Take New tailoring Orders
  • Enter Measurement
  • Define the design
  • Take Pictures of cloth or Person (By Webcam)
  • Generate order slip
  • Update Order status
  • Update completion
  • Send Completion Message

Inventory Management

  • Define & Manage Items
  • Receive Purchases
  • Manage Stock
  • Stock Status Management


  • Delivery to Customer
  • Manage Accounts
  • Collection Report (Duration Wise, Item Wise)
  • Individual Customer
  • Collection Report
  • Tailor Commission Payment
  • Sales Person Commission Payment
  • Tailor ledger management
  • Sales Person Ledger Management

User Management

  • Create & manage users
  • User rights management
  • User activity view

Different Type of Logins

Employee Login

Employee login will get the access the software panel where he/she can access to the software according to the rights.

Customer Login

Customer can login by their mobile no and the OTP generated to their mobile and can check their order status or can view the latest designs offered by the company.

Tailor Login

Tailor will also have access to their dashboard where they can have their information.

Advanced Features

The Application or software will provide you following advanced features in the application:-

  • DSS reports for the comparison in the performance of the tailoring orders
  • Feedback Assessment of the Customers

On Time delivery assessment for the customers.

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