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Civil Department Automation

In large scale organizations where the office or the premises covers a large area the civil department has to face a lot of trouble and problems in managing the issues or complaints. Our Civil Department automation solution provides a very helpful approach. Our Automation solution include from the complaint punching to complain resolution, MB (Measurement Book) Automation, Update Rate Contract, Form Abstract & Many other process. The solution is complete automation where you can also manage the Construction stock, Scrap details etc.

Features in the Software :

  • The software is cloud compatible and can be hosted online
  • A multiuser application where rights can be defined of the user
  • Can automate almost all the process of the civil department
  • The application is idle for the large organizations which have large premises need to be managed
  • The application also give the feature to manage the civil department store
  • Easy backup feature
  • Reports can be export to excel, pdf and print
  • It reduces the time to resolve the complaint
  • Any user can check the compliant status online.

Modules in the software

Utility Management

Following factors & Functions Are Included

  • Add Country
  • Add State
  • Add City
  • Add Area

Configuration Management

Here the complete organization configuration related details will be updated in the system. Following facilities will be managed in the module:-

  • Organization Logo
  • Organization Details
  • Organization Departments
  • Organization Department
  • Head and Other Employees
  • Department Contact Details

Identity Management

This Module gives feature to divide the complete Organization in Various sections and subsections so the tracking of work, complaints etc. can be done easily. There are following features in the Identity Management:-

  • 3 Level Identity Management
  • Facility to Update the Image of the Location

Construction/Maintenance Material Inventory management

  • Manage Vendor
  • Manage Item & Material
  • Purchase Management
  • Order Management
  • Distribution Management
  • E Tendering Facility

Reports in Inventory & Store Management

  • Item Master
  • Stock Availability
  • Order in Transit
  • Order Report
  • Supply Details (Duration Wise, Vendor Wise)
  • Identity wise utilization of Stock
  • Engineer wise utilization of Stock
  • Engineer wise utilization of Stock

Scrap Management

  • Enter details of the received scrap
  • Scrap Stock Details
  • Scrap Sale Value Management
  • Scrap History Details

DSS Reports

  • Department Wise Fund Utilization
  • Identity Wise Fund Utilization
  • Item Fund Utilization
  • Engineer Wise Fund Utilization
  • Scrap Value DSS
  • Store Purchase DSS
  • Department, Engineer wise Material Utilization
  • Identity Wise Material Utilization
  • Engineer, Duration, Identity wise Complains
  • Pending Complains MIS
  • Vendor Wise Fund Utilization

Civil Construction and Maintenance Automation Process

MB Management

  • Receive Vendor Bill
  • Update the work and the
  • measurement details
  • Auto calculation of the cost of the Complaint
  • MB Approval Management

Abstract Formation

  • Finalization of entries and the formation of the Abstract Done Here

Bill Payment

  • Update the status of the Abstract bill
  • Payment to the Vendor.

Complaint Management

  • Facility to compliant online by employee id
  • Support civil compliant cell
  • Employee can check own compliant status
  • Prevents the multiple complaints for the same work or repair
  • Automatic SMS alerts in case of lodging complaint, assigning complaint and completion of complaint

User Management

  • Create multiple users
  • Define rights
  • Manage users
  • Check user Logs
  • Check Activity Logs

DSS Reports

  • Complaints Duration Wise
  • Completed Vs. Pending complaints
  • Fund Utilization
  • Identity wise Complaints
  • Vendor Wise Complaints
  • Item utilization graph
  • Customized Reports feature

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